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Your SOS guide to home improvements in Hong Kong

As an expat, improving your home in Hong Kong brings along a whole new set of challenges. High humidity often causes dampness and mould problems. The language difference adds to the difficulty of finding suitable shops and suppliers, and the uncertainty of where to receive trusted advice, along with working with the unique materials typically found in Hong Kong properties can all provide challenges and problems.

This site helps you to navigate through these unique challenges and provides you with tips and advice to save you time and money.

Picture of Mark Fraser the Hong Kong Painter and Decorator

About the author:

Mark Fraser has operated his company, CDI, in Hong Kong since 1996 and has renovated and improved hundreds of office, residential and entertainment venues in Hong Kong. Through this, he has attained detailed local knowledge, and through articles in the different sections of this web site, shares his knowledge with you.

Mark can be contacted at, Tel: +852 9219 8169. His main company website is at CDI HK Ltd


Whatsapp number is: +852 9219 8169
Click on this link to send a Whats App Message Direct to Mark


Mark, in action, on Des Voeux Road outside the Hong Kong
and Shanghai Bank in 1997

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